Why choose a hot stamp machine from United Silicone?

Superior Decoration Quality

For decades, customers have relied on United Silicone hot stamp machines to provide highly-repeatable high-quality decoration.

Our expertise in the entire decoration process and deep knowledge of the performance challenges in key markets, allows us to create solutions that consistently provide superior decoration quality.


Superior Durability

Machines that adapt to evolving business needs are not simply a “nice to have”, they are often a must.

Some customers need a hot stamp machine that can be adjusted to decorate on a wide variety of different sized products. Others require systems that can perform multiple functions like hot stamp and heat stamp decoration, heat sealing or heat staking.

We´ve got you covered!

Hot stamp technology must be rigorously designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressure inherent in the hot stamp process. United Silicone hot stamp machines lead the market in durability. Some of our systems are known to run for more than 25 years!

Superior Machine Flexibility

Machines that adapt to evolving business needs are not simply a “nice to have”, they are often a must.

Some customers need a hot stamp machine that can be adjusted to decorate on a wide variety of different sized products. Others require systems that can perform multiple functions like hot stamp and heat stamp decoration, heat sealing or heat staking.

We´ve got you covered!

User-Friendly Operation

Our hot stamp machines were built top to bottom for hassle-free performance. The user-friendly proprietary controller was designed specifically for decorating applications. In addition to easy job storage and modifications, features like tool-free foil changeovers and low or broken foil detection are available.

Superior Efficiency

Our hot stamp machines provide market-leading efficiency. For example our Magnetic Quick Change Dies provide up to 90x faster die changeover speeds as well as up to 50% improvement in mounting accuracy.


Small Area Decoration

SMALL Area - Vertical Hot Stamp Machines

US10 & US25

Small Area Hot Stamp Decoration typically targets smaller surfaces with the application of fine details or text.

This type of decoration requires high precision to ensure that the small graphics or fine text are applied cleanly and with sharp definition.

The US10 and US25 hot stamp machines have been industry mainstays in small area vertical hot stamp decoration for decades.

Our user-friendly machines are known for their flexibility (with a full range of adjustments with up to 16″ of working height and 8″ of throat depth) and durability (systems have been known to run for over 25 years!).


  US10 & US25 Small Area Vertical Hot Stamp Machines

Features Overview

US10 & US25 Hot Stamp Machines

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Superior Hot Stamp Decoration for Recessed Surfaces

US10 Demonstration

Efficient, High Precision Hot Stamp Decoration of Round & Square Pails

5 gallon pail decoration with US 25 hot stamp machine

Large & Deep Area Decoration

LARGE Area - Vertical Hot Stamp Machines

US 40, US 75, & US 120

Ensuring even pressure and heat distribution over a larger surface area is critical to large-area hot stamp decoration.

United Silicone offers three sizes of large-area vertical hot stamp machines.  The US 40, US 75, and US 120 (4 ton, 7.5 ton, and 12 ton, respectively) hot stamp machines provide:

  • reduced setup time
  • high reliability
  • superior efficiency
  • smooth and quiet operation, and
  • simplified troubleshooting.
  US 40, US 75 & US 120 Large Area Vertical Hot Stamp Machines

Deep & Large Container Decoration

US 25E-Frame

United Silicone has developed new technology that revolutionizes the ability to decorate “bulk”  reusable containers such as crates, bins, totes, roll-off carts, garbage cans, and industrial containers with a cost-effective 2.5-ton system.

Previously, the decoration of bulk containers needing more than 10” throat depth required users to select a more costly, higher tonnage system despite the fact that the extra tonnage was excessive for their artwork needs.

  • Industry leading 16 inch throat depth represents a 60% increase in what was previously possible with an affordable 2.5-ton system.
  • Available 51¨clearance is over 3x greater than that provided by alternative technologies.

Hot Stamp Decoration

Benefits and Considerations


Hot Stamp Benefits
Benefit Description
Pigment, metallic, matte, and glossy colors Foil is better than ink processes at delivering shiny or mirror effect finishes.

  • Pigment and matte metallic colors can be achieved with both hot stamp and heat transfer.
  • Bright metallic can only be accomplished with hot stamp. This is because the plating method used in the manufacture of hot stamp foils is not achievable with the inks used in the production of heat transfer labels.
Dry process Unlike pad printing, hot stamping doesn’t use any wet ink or solvents. It is a dry decoration process using foil. There are no storage problems with flammable materials, strong odors, ink mixing, or messy clean-up; the decorated part is ready to be handled or packaged after stamping.
Instantaneous curing No post-curing allows immediate handling and packaging
Minimal setup time Artwork changeover on the same part requires a simple Die and/or Foil Roll change if transitioning from one color to the next.  No clean-up of inks and tools required.  Various tools available (including United Silicone’s magnetic die mounting system) to achieve ‘quick change’ transitions.
On-demand decorating Unlike In-Mold Labeling (IML) that requires decoration at the same time parts are formed, hot stamp decoration can be accomplished either inline with molding machines or offline utilizing parts from inventory. This provides greater flexibility for users. It is not necessary to have complete artwork at the time the part is made.
Semi-skilled operators When working with a dry process the equipment controls the process. Of course there are variables, but not as many as with other processes.
Opacity Foils have superior opacity in one hit/application.. Pigment foils provide solid colors in flat or gloss finish, equivalent to a thick layer of opaque ink.


Object shape considerations

Flat or round objects are best suited for hot stamp or heat transfer, whereas objects with compound curves are not well-suited.

Object surface considerations

Objects with smooth surfaces are best suited for hot stamp or heat transfer, whereas objects with textured surfaces are not.

Changing artwork requires changing dies

Graphic images are achieved with Silicone or Metal Dies. A new Die is required with each change in artwork. United Silicone can schedule Die lead times to meet production requirements.

Speed of application

Dwell time requirements vary from instant contact to up to 3 to 4 seconds in order to have a complete transfer of a large image to the par

Our Hot Stamp Machines

Available in Standard & Custom Formats

Precision Hot Stamping for Bulk Containers

Precision Hot Stamping for Bulk Containers

  • Revolutionizes reusable bulk package decoration
  • Industry-leading 16” throat depth in cost-effective 2.5-ton system
  • Up to 51” clearance, over 3x more than alternative technologies
  • Integrated forklift tubes for safe & easy mobility
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Small Area: US10 & US25

Small Area: US10 & US25

  • Market-leading option for small vertical decorating applications
  • Adaptable – up to 16″ of working height & 8″ of throat depth
  • Durable – Systems known to run for over 25 years
  • Simplified Job Storage & Adjustments
  • Flexible- Heat Sealing, Heat Staking, Hot Stamp and Heat Transfer
  • Safe & Easy Mobility
  • Optional Pneumatic Slide Table
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Large Area Hot Stamp Machines

Large Area Hot Stamp Machines

  • All-Encompassing Solution for Large Area Decorations
  • Dual Configuration
  • Four-Post-virtually unlimited throat depth
  • C-Frame- high tonnage capacity in compact footprint
  • Simplified Job Storage & Adjustments
  • Responsive, Efficient High Tonnage Stamping
  • Compatible with Wide Product Range
  • Safe & Easy Mobility
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US120E (12-Ton)

US120E (12-Ton)

  • Large parts/products decoration
  • Industry-leading 21″ throat depth (50% increase over competing designs)
  • Double (6″) stroke length -additional clearance for loading and unloading of large parts
  • Four external head guides – even distribution of stamp head force on large products
  • Ease of use & time savings thanks to specialized controller
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Peripheral Shuttle – PS1000 / PS2500

Peripheral Shuttle – PS1000 / PS2500

  • Full coverage decoration of cylindrical & conical shaped products
  • Decoration capability on wide product range with fast changeovers
  • Ability for quick conversion into a vertical decorating system
  • Specialized performance features for sporting good applications
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Customizable Rotary Hot Stamping Machines

Customizable Rotary Hot Stamping Machines

  • Large Roll-On Decoration on Flat and Slightly Contoured Surfaces
  • Eliminates Air Entrapment Rejects
  • Reduces Set Up & Changeover Time by as much as 50%
  • Improves Worker Efficiency with Standard Safety Features
  • Provides Enhanced Flexibility with Optional Pneumatic Slide Tables
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  • Roll-on Hot Stamp Decorating of Flat, Contoured and Complex Extrusion Profiles
  • Unmatched Precision at an Adjustable Rate of up to 70 feet/minute
  • 360° Adjustment-Decorating Roller Positioned on any Axis to Match Extruded Profile
  • Inter-connectable – Multiple Machines Work Together for Complex Profiles
  • CNC Contoured Rollers – High-Precision, Repeatable Performance
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