Precision Hot Stamping for Bulk Containers

  • Revolutionizes reusable bulk package decoration
  • Industry-leading 16” throat depth in cost-effective 2.5-ton system
  • Up to 51” clearance, over 3x more than alternative technologies
  • Integrated forklift tubes for safe & easy mobility
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Small Area: US10 & US25

  • Market-leading option for small vertical decorating applications
  • Adaptable – up to 16″ of working height & 8″ of throat depth
  • Durable – Systems known to run for over 25 years
  • Simplified Job Storage & Adjustments
  • Flexible- Heat Sealing, Heat Staking, Hot Stamp and Heat Transfer
  • Safe & Easy Mobility
  • Optional Pneumatic Slide Table
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Large Area Hot Stamp Machines

  • All-Encompassing Solution for Large Area Decorations
  • Dual Configuration
  • Four-Post-virtually unlimited throat depth
  • C-Frame- high tonnage capacity in compact footprint
  • Simplified Job Storage & Adjustments
  • Responsive, Efficient High Tonnage Stamping
  • Compatible with Wide Product Range
  • Safe & Easy Mobility
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US120E (12-Ton)

  • Large parts/products decoration
  • Industry-leading 21″ throat depth (50% increase over competing designs)
  • Double (6″) stroke length -additional clearance for loading and unloading of large parts
  • Four external head guides – even distribution of stamp head force on large products
  • Ease of use & time savings thanks to specialized controller
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