Peripheral Shuttle – PS1000 / PS2500

A simplified solution for full coverage decorating of cylindrical and conical shaped products

Up to 360° decoration on a wide range of shapes and sizes in a diverse markets.

The PS 1000 and PS2500 Peripheral Shuttle Systems provide:

  • Decoration capability on wide product range with fast changeovers
  • Ability for quick conversion into a vertical decorating system
  • Specialized performance features for sporting good applications


Wide Product Range with Fast Changeovers

Unmatched Versatility

A single shuttle system can be used for multiple products of various sizes and shapes ranging from 0.125″ to 4.5 in diameter to 0.25″ to 7″ in length. A simple 15-minute tooling changeover converts from one product to another.

Solid Dual Functioning Foundation

Convert from a peripheral to a vertical decorating process in less than 5 minutes

Using the proven technology of the Models US10 and US25 as their base, the PS1000 & PS2500 have a strong foundation that is proven to be stable, long lasting and versatile.

Specialized Performance on Sporting Good Applications

Specialized performance on Sporting Good Applications

Adaptations for the Sporting Goods Market expand the capabilities and optimize the performance of the PS1000 & PS2500 for Golf Shafts, Fishing Rods, Ski Poles, Arrow Shafts and more.

Learn more about the P1000 and the P2500

Additional Features

  • Suited for both Hot Stamp and/or Heat Transfer Decorating Applications
  • Tool-Free Foil / Label Changeover
  • Dual Opti-Touch Buttons for Safe Operation
  • Constant Torque for Smooth Foil / Label Advance
  • Precise Control of Head Stroke Length &  Stamping Force

  • Reduced Setup Times
  • Quiet, Smooth Cycling
  • Optional Robot Interfacing
  • Optional Low Foil and/or Broken Foil Detection
  • Optional Air Inflation for Semi-Rigid Bottles

Technical Specifications



Technical Data
PS1000 PS2500
Head Stroke 0” – 3” 0” – 3”
Head Size 6″ x 8” 8″ x 16″
A – Height 82″ 81″
B – Width (Wide) 43″ 56″
C – Depth (Deep) 33″ 33″
D – Working Height 0-8” 0-8”
E – Throat Depth 8″ 11″
Electrical Requirements (Volts) 120






Air Requirements (CFM) 3 5
Air Requirements (PSI) 20-100 20-100
Net Weight (Pounds) 900 900

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