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Our History
1976 United Silicone (USI) was founded on January 2nd, 1976 by Donato Curcio and (Albert) Ray Flint as a hot stamping business.
1977 Manufacturing facility opened in Lancaster, NY.
1982 USI entered the pad printing industry.
1986 USI aquired Gladen Corporation, a large domestic supplier of silicone rubber products for hot stamping applications.
1990 Gladen operations moved to Lancaster, NY.
1994 USI revolutionizes heat seal with the introduction of “thermally conductive silicone”.
1995 Company is acquired by ITW (Illinois Tool Works).
1996 USI acquired Silicone Products, a producer of silicone transfer pads, sheets, dies and holding fixtures.
1997 Imtran (manufacture of pad printing equipment, consumables and dies) was acquired.
1998 Silicone Products was merged into USI.
2001 Imtran production was moved to Lancaster.
2007 Tax Stamp business integrated into USI.
2020 United Silicone and sister IDS brands reveal global “Trusted Partner for Product Decoration” position with dozens of internal process projects designed to further enhance efficiency, expertise and reliability. New logo and website.

United Silicone Patents

For product decoration and sealing technologies

United Silicone has been an innovator in the manufacture of product decorating and sealing technologies for more than four decades. Our unique understanding of both equipment and supplies (dies, fixtures, foils, etc) give us unique insights into how to design for optimal performance. We have been issued over 15 United States patents for innovations related to product decoration and sealing.

Industry Leadership

Breakthrough technologies transform industries

United Silicone is the only major hot stamp/heat transfer/heat seal supplier in North America to serve as a true total solutions provider – producing both systems and a comprehensive line of supporting tooling and supplies. We are proud of our long history of providing breakthrough hot stamp, heat transfer, and heat seal technologies to key markets.

Heat Seal

  • In 1994 revolutionized heat seal market with the introduction of ‘thermally conductive silicone’ and hot stamp theory
  • At that time, the majority of heat seal applications ran metal-to-metal
    • Superior seal strength and repeatability with silicone-to-metal sealing quickly made this the new approach standard worldwide.

Golf Shaft Machines

  • United Silicone has been at the forefront of Heat Transfer Decorating Golf Shafts, introducing our first Golf Shaft specific system in 1992.
  • Optimized to blend seamlessly into the manufacturing process, resulting in higher production outputs and lower scrap rates, while still maintaining a compact, safe and ergonomic system.
  • Flexible for a variety of other Sporting Goods including; fishing rod, ski poles and arrow shafts.

Pail Decoration

  • With over 100 systems sold and in use, United Silicone is the industry leader for heat transfer decorating pails.
  • Our controls package provides programmable adjustments allowing the user to make on-the-fly changes to optimize the decorating parameters reducing downtime or the need for physical adjustments.
  • 1 to 6 Gallon capable with a simple changeover.

Reusable Containers

  • Earned market-leader status with innovative technologies carefully designed for this market.
  • For example, our US-25E provides an industry-leading 16″ throat depth.
  • This represents a 60% increase in printing depth previously attainable with an affordable 2.5-ton system.

About Our Home Turf

  • United Silicone is headquartered in beautiful Lancaster, NY.
  • We are conveniently located near both Buffalo Airport (15-minute drive) and less than a minute from the Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airfield (KBQR).
  • We would love to show you our facility.
  • While in town you can also enjoy some amazing sites. We are just 30 minutes from the Buffalo Water Front and 45 minutes from Niagara Falls.
  • Please reach out anytime, we are happy to help provide you with lodging and restaurant recommendations as well.


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