Deep expertise in:

  • Your market
  • Your application
  • Your entire production environment – art through production
  • Broad range of product decorating technologies

Proven reliability:

  • People – long relationships
  • Products – durable repeatable performance, low downtime
  • Service – industry-leading follow-through

Strategic Collaborative Partner

Beyond decorating systems – we work collaboratively with customers to provide valuable insights into the best real word solution to your decorating challenges.

Living Trusted Partner

BEYOND Talking the Talk

More than a marketing campaign…

Yes, we have a new logo and a newly refreshed website. We are working hard to make sure these cosmetic details support a much larger strategic drive to be your Trusted Partner for product decoration.  We don’t want to just talk the talk. We want to show you how we walk the walk

It all starts with listening...

To this end, United Silicone as part of the Industrial Solutions Group (IDS) conducted a comprehensive brand study. We asked hundreds of customers and employees about what matters most to them. We asked about our strengths and our weaknesses. Over the course of more than a year – we carefully mapped out this feedback to develop programs to best support customer needs. All roads led us to doubling down on our commitment to be a Trusted Partner for our customers.

Brand Values

In order to live up to our commitment to being your Trusted Partner for product decoration and sealing – we focus on delivering on three core brand values: expertise, efficiency, and reliability.


The best product decorating solution for your needs.”

As the largest supplier of hot stamp, heat transfer and heat seal technology in North America, United Silicone is well-positioned to find the best possible solution for your unique application.

We are the only North American brand to provide a wide range of hot stamp, heat transfer, and heat seal equipment as well as accompanying supplies and can provide expert consulting in both areas

You can see United Silicone's expertise in our:


Broad Knowledge:

  • Your market
  • Your technology alternatives
  • Your production environment
  • Your challenges


Wide Range:

  • Multiple technologies
  • Consumables
  • Stand alone to fully automated
  • Market specific designs



  • Full process from art through production – and beyond
  • Superior training – systems & processes

*More than 15 US patents for innovative product decorating technologies

You can see United Silicone's efficiency in our:



  • Driven
  • Good communication


Save Time, Cost, & Space

  • Design
    -Tailored to customer needs
  • Set-Up
    -Stand-alone or fully automated
    -Easily integrated
    -Smaller real estate options
  • Use
    -Quick changeovers
    -Efficient use of consumables


Get it Right the First Time

  • Responsive
  • Equipped
  • Single-source


Superior performance time and time again

Leading brands trust our people, our systems, and our supplies for superior performance time and time again.

United Silicone´s commitment to reliability is evident in our:


  • Trusted Integrity
  • transparency
  • trusted by top brands up & down supply chain
  • long relationships


  • Trusted Performance
  • Durability
  • Lower downtime
  • Repeatability


  • Trusted Follow-Through
  • See projects through to the end

How can we become your Trusted Partner?

We´d love to learn more about your needs.