Why select heat transfer decoration?

Heat Transfer Machines for Pails (Buckets)

1-6 Gallon Size

ROUND Pail Decoration

Evolution HT

This heat transfer machine was specially designed for high-speed application of multi-color heat transfer labels on round pails.

Key machine features include:

  • capable of providing up to 355 o  decoration
  • flexibility to accommodate various pail diameters, draft angles, and heights (1 to 6-gallon capacity)
  • user friendly controls (on-the-fly changes)
  • fast changeovers (minutes instead of hours)
  • small footprint


  Evolution HT

SQUARE Pail Decoration


Expand your decorating real estate into the corners of Rounded Square / Rectangular Pails. This increases the decorating area by almost 40% compared to side-only decorating systems.

Additional key features of the Evolution² include:

  • 75% faster changeover speeds compared to 4-headed systems
  • Up to 50% smaller footprint than competitor systems
  • Ability to accommodate various pail shapes and sizes (1 to 6 gallon sizes)



Heat Transfer Decoration

Benefits and Considerations

Wide Range of Heat Transfer Decoration Options

Screen printed, digitally printed, gravure, wax release and Polyfuze

Heat Transfer Decoration Benefits
Benefit Description
Brilliant, multicolor graphics
  • High Quality Print
  • Photographic Resolution Possible With Wax Release Transfers
  • Metallic Like Colors Achievable With Non-Digitally Printed Transfers
  • Vignettes & Tones
  • Permanent, Safe decoration
  • Moisture & Chemical Resistant
  • Durable
Sustainable Technology
(benefits dependent on particular heat transfer type selected)
  • Dry Process (No Wet Inks/Screens)
  • Comply With CONEG Regulations
  • Approved With Oral Toxicity Test
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Labels Can Remain on Plastic Containers During Recycling & Regrind
  • Only Applies Ink & Lacquer on Containers (no heavy metals used)
  • Wax Release Liner is Biodegradable
Minimal setup time
  • Labels in roll format
  • Roll-to-roll label splicing
  • Simple label changeovers
  • Changing the image on the same part only requires a roll change resulting in a reduction in the set-up time between jobs.
On-demand decorating
  • Various container sizes/shapes can be run
  • All of the colors are transferred in one step reducing the number of hits or passes required to apply a multi-color graphic.
  • Multiple SKU’s on same bottle style
  • Stretch graphics – Allows label to be “fit” to a container.
  • Label can be stretched to accommodate inconsistent container dimensions or changes
Custom colors and formulations
  • Heat transfer labels are engineered to meet specific customer requirements and specifications.  Formulas specific to the individual product include chemical and abrasion resistance, UV stability, adhesion specifications, and other requirements depending on the product being decorated.
  • Heat transfer labels are versatile and can be used on a wide range of plastics in production today as well as glass, metal, wood, painted surfaces, paper, and fabrics.
Semi-skilled operators
  • When working with a dry process the equipment controls the process. Of course there are variables, but not as many as with other processes.
Dry process The Heat Transfer process utilizes a pre-printed/pre-manufactured graphic image on a film/carrier that is then applied with heat and pressure.  No inks or solvents required at application stage thus simplifying set-up and significantly reducing change over and clean up time.
Instantaneous curing As a dry process (no inks and solvents), Heat Transfer applications produce finished parts that are immediately ready to be handled and packaged without fear for damage.  No post-cure or drying required.
Because Heat Transfer Labels are manufactured in layers (multiple ink passes/layers), image opacity is achieved in a single pass. This is in contrast to processes like Pad Printing where multiple hits may be required due to the thin lay down of ink.


Object shape considerations

Flat or round objects are best suited for heat transfer, whereas objects with compound curves are not well-suited for heat transfer.

Object surface considerations

Objects with smooth surfaces are best suited for heat transfer, whereas objects with textured surfaces are not.

Changing artwork may require changing Dies

Graphic images are achieved utilizing pre-printed Heat Transfer Labels.  A new Die may be required with an artwork change dependent upon graphic shape, die design, and heat or witness mark tolerance.

Quantities required per image

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) may be required. The digital process provides variable print from label-to-label with no MOQ or set-up fee.

Heat transfer labels provided by a vendor

Leadtimes and MOQs for Heat Transfer Labels vary dependent upon manufacturing type – Digital, Screen Printed, Gravure, Polyfuze, Flexo, etc

Speed of application

Dwell time requirements vary from instant contact to up to 3 to 4 seconds in order to have a complete transfer of a large image to the part

Pre-Treatment & Post-Treatment may be required (Wax Transfers Only)

Whereas the elimination of pre- and post- treatments is a considerable advantage of hot stamp and heat transfer, wax transfers are the exception to this rule and may require treatment.

Post-treat: used to “gloss-up” label graphics; delivers outstanding image quality

Our Heat Transfer Machines

Precision Hot Stamping for Bulk Containers

Precision Hot Stamping for Bulk Containers

  • Revolutionizes reusable bulk package decoration
  • Industry-leading 16” throat depth in cost-effective 2.5-ton system
  • Up to 51” clearance, over 3x more than alternative technologies
  • Integrated forklift tubes for safe & easy mobility
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Small Area: US10 & US25

Small Area: US10 & US25

  • Market-leading option for small vertical decorating applications
  • Adaptable – up to 16″ of working height & 8″ of throat depth
  • Durable – Systems known to run for over 25 years
  • Simplified Job Storage & Adjustments
  • Flexible- Heat Sealing, Heat Staking, Hot Stamp and Heat Transfer
  • Safe & Easy Mobility
  • Optional Pneumatic Slide Table
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Large Area Hot Stamp Machines

Large Area Hot Stamp Machines

  • All-Encompassing Solution for Large Area Decorations
  • Dual Configuration
  • Four-Post-virtually unlimited throat depth
  • C-Frame- high tonnage capacity in compact footprint
  • Simplified Job Storage & Adjustments
  • Responsive, Efficient High Tonnage Stamping
  • Compatible with Wide Product Range
  • Safe & Easy Mobility
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US120E (12-Ton)

US120E (12-Ton)

  • Large parts/products decoration
  • Industry-leading 21″ throat depth (50% increase over competing designs)
  • Double (6″) stroke length -additional clearance for loading and unloading of large parts
  • Four external head guides – even distribution of stamp head force on large products
  • Ease of use & time savings thanks to specialized controller
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Peripheral Shuttle – PS1000 / PS2500

Peripheral Shuttle – PS1000 / PS2500

  • Full coverage decoration of cylindrical & conical shaped products
  • Decoration capability on wide product range with fast changeovers
  • Ability for quick conversion into a vertical decorating system
  • Specialized performance features for sporting good applications
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Efficient Roll-On Hot Stamping Machines

Efficient Roll-On Hot Stamping Machines

  • Unrivaled peripheral decorating solution for cylindrical and flat products
  • 360° decoration
  • Ability to prevent wrinkles
  • Precision label placement
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Customizable Rotary Hot Stamping Machines

Customizable Rotary Hot Stamping Machines

  • Large Roll-On Decoration on Flat and Slightly Contoured Surfaces
  • Eliminates Air Entrapment Rejects
  • Reduces Set Up & Changeover Time by as much as 50%
  • Improves Worker Efficiency with Standard Safety Features
  • Provides Enhanced Flexibility with Optional Pneumatic Slide Tables
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Impact HT

Impact HT

  • Small, Cost-Effective Roll-On Solution
  • Small-to-Medium-Sized Flat or Slightly Contoured Parts
  • Nearly Half the Cost & Half the Size of Standard Roll-on Systems
  • Specialized Automation for CD/DVD Applications at over 500 Parts/hour
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Square Pails: Evolution²

Square Pails: Evolution²

  • Unmatched Heat Transfer Decorating Real-Estate for Square Pails
  • Decorating Area Nearly 40% Larger than Available with Side Only Decorating Systems
  • 75% faster changeover speeds compared to 4 headed systems
  • Up to 50% smaller footprint than competitor systems
  • Accommodate various pail shapes and sizes
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High-Quality Heat Transfer Machines for Round Pails & Buckets

High-Quality Heat Transfer Machines for Round Pails & Buckets

  • High-Speed Application of Multi-Color Heat Transfer Labels up to 355°
  • Unique Design Accommodates Various Pail Diameters, Draft Angles, and Heights
  • User-Friendly Decoration Control – On-the-Fly Changes
  • Switch Between Pail Sizes in Minutes vs Hours (70% faster changeovers)
  • Small Footprint
  • Backwards Compatible (Retrofit) with Existing Systems
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