In-House Training - Overview

We go a step further than classroom and hands-on instruction. Our interactive training sessions are structured to gain insights into each customer´s unique challenges. We study considerations like the skill level of your team, frequency of employee turnover at your location and specific application or environmental challenges.

In-House Training - Benefits

There are several important benefits to full day and multi-day training sessions at our Buffalo, NY location including:

  • Access to all types of hot stamp and heat seal equipment, graphic files and consumables.
  • Access to specialized experts from every aspect of the product decoration process.
  • Access to the very latest hot stamp and heat seal technologies – providing new insight on what upgrades are available and what your application can achieve.
  • Focused training opportunity – far from daily distractions.

Customer Facility Training

Can’t come to Buffalo? No problem. We can send a training specialist to your location. Customer facility sessions can also combine classroom and hands on instruction. At your facility we are able to get an even greater understanding of the unique challenges tied to your application.

Customer Facility Training - Benefits

Customer Facility training sessions provide a number of additional benefits- including:

  • A more cost-effective approach for training a larger number of people
  • We can ensure all relevant staff are included by breaking training down by shifts
  • We can also arrange training by segment in order to give each team member more in-depth instruction on the hot stamp/heat seal skills they need (for example die selection and placement, product handling, etc)
    • One popular example of such a training is our Dedicated Manager Training that highlights production challenges as well as best practices that might help reduce the impact of employee turnover.

Workflow and Performance Audits

Uncover cost & time savings

Taken together, United Silicone expertise

  • In the complete hot stamp and heat seal processes- from artwork through production
  • With thousands of applications over the course of decades
  • In cutting edge and emerging technologies
  • Puts us in an ideal position to identify opportunities to avoid mistakes, optimize workflow and uncover cost savings.

How does it work?

Let us send a specialist to review the technologies and procedures used at your location and share opportunities for improvement.


Has it been years since your line was installed? Even if it is running well- there is a good chance that more recent technology advancements can be retrofitted to generate improvements. Benefits often include:

  • Scrap rate reduction
  • Set up time reduction
  • Improved workflow
  • Improved decoration/seal quality
  • Longer life for equipment
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Our training and audit experts customize each session to your unique production challenges. We would love to help you uncover opportunities for enhanced efficiency.
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