Our Sheets

We provide bonded and unbonded sheets in smooth and textured formats. Our sheets can be used in hot stamp, heat transfer, heat seal, laser engraving, laminating, non-marring surface contact and tipping processes. Our sheets can be used in our systems as well as competitor systems for use on flat, contoured or cylindrical objects as well as broad flat areas.


Our Silicone Sheets provide a wide range of benefits including:

Superior heat properties

Wide variety of silicone rubber materials capable of meeting the most challenging requirements for heat tolerance and thermal conductivity.  Superior performance up to 550°F and/or with high pressure.

Superior adhesion

For bonded applications, our proprietary system achieves market-leading adhesion, chemically bonding silicone to metal without the need for glue or other adhesives.

Wider range of options

Market leading range of silicone and aluminum backing thickness with precision grinding to ensure optimal performance in each application.


To best meet the needs of a wide range of decorating applications, we provide a market-leading range of high-performance Silicone Sheet products. Options include:

Silicone Rubber Formulation

Ultrasil™:High heat endurance, Thermosil™: High heat endurance + fast recovery, FDA & 3A Certified

Silicone Thickness

1/16″ & 1/8″ standard, Custom Thicknesses Available

Metal Backing

Aluminum, standard, Deadsoft – Aluminum, easily formed/contoured, Cold Roll Steel, Stainless steel


Measured on a Shore A scale, 40-90 durometer

Aluminum Thickness

Various Aluminum Thicknesses Available

Standard Sizes

12″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, Custom sizes available: application dependent

We would love to help you identify the ideal silicone sheet for your application.