Impactful, Highly Durable Print

Hot Stamp and Heat Transfer processes provide highly visible, durable decoration on tools of a wide array of different shapes and sizes.

United Silicone has developed innovative technologies specific to the tool market. For example, we added pioneering contoured design features to our silicone dies for optimal performance on power tool carrying/storage cases.

Our complete range of products for the tool market includes equipment, tooling, consumables and service.


Tool Decoration

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Power Tool Housings

United Silicone´s machines and custom tooling designs address the challenging contours, raised (aka “tipping”) or recessed decorating surfaces that are traditionally seen on Power Tool Housings. The resulting high-quality, durable decoration beautifully highlights the product brand or model.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Corded Power Tools Housings
  • Cordless Power Tools Housings


United Silicone has developed custom tooling and innovative silicone dies designed specially to address the challenges inherent in decorating raised areas on both injection and blow molded tool carry/storage cases. Our solutions provide a highly repeatable, quality decoration adept at overcoming surface imperfections and inconsistencies.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Power Tool Carrying Cases
  • Cases for Drill Bits / Screwdriver Bits / Socket Sets
  • Smaller Portable Toolboxes
  • Larger Tool Chests

Tool Accessories

The metal construction and numerous coating options associated with the different blade types require additional steps to ensure lasting quality decoration. United Silicone and our partners have the knowledge and know how to properly design the machine, tooling and heat transfer labels to provide you with a complete solution.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Blades
    • Circular Saw
    • Reciprocating Saw
    • Jig Saw
    • Hole Saw


Our machines and custom tooling are designed with quick-change features that result in reduced setup time when switching between the various sizes and styles of Battery Packs.  Incorporating easy-to-use machine adjustments with common tooling heights and magnetic die mounting can cut setup and change-over time in half.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Charging Bases

Hand Tools

Decades of experience decorating hand tools has allowed United Silicone to create innovative machines that can adapt to and overcome part to part variations often seen with extruded or soft-grip handles.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Screwdriver Handles
  • Utility Knives
  • Hammer
  • Levels

Dedicated Features & Services

Specialty Silicone Dies

  • Innovative silicone die
  • Specifically formulated for optimal results with the high temperature applications often associated with the types of plastics used on Power Tools

Design Consultation

  • Decades of experience developing custom tooling and high-precision holding fixtures
  • Deep familiarity with systems and fixtures
  • Expert consultation on how to design tools for optimal decoration impact and efficiency

Standard & Custom Solutions

  • Custom
    -Highly complex custom solutions
  • Standard
    -Wide range
    -Suited for vast majority of tool decoration applications
    -Simplify/streamline production
    -Speed time to market


Tool Decoration Challenges

We understand the challenges facing tool companies. United Silicone´s customer or technical support staff can provide insight on the following key areas:


Optimized Product Design

  • Aid with product design to improve your ability to procure quality, repeatable decorations


  • Reduce changeover times with a variety of quick-change fixture features

Foil/Heat Transfer Selection

  • How to select hot stamping foil and/or heat transfer label for optimal performance in your application

We would love to learn more about your tool decoration challenge