Thermally conductive, heat tolerant Silicone Seal Bar Assemblies provide superior heat sealing performance.

Eliminate Leakers

Crowned designs eliminate air holes/leakers


Ideal for long seal bars

Eliminate Teflon Tape

Easy release of films, may eliminate need for Teflon Tape


High heat tolerance (550°F) means silicone won’t become sticky or gummy.


Where small particle contamination is possible, our Teflon Bonded Silicone provides an adhesive-free alternative with up to 7x longer life

Heat Tolerant , Formulations

Silicone heat tolerant up to 550°F


High-quality seals

Superior Precision & Durability

Compared to extruded silicone, our compression-molded silicone has:


-4x superior thickness tolerances

-7x longer lifespan

Market Leading Size Range

Industry leading size range of 1 to 110 inches in both smooth and textured surfaces

Market Leading Bond Strength

Proprietary process chemically bonds silicone-to-metal and Teflon-coated silicone-to-metal without the need of messy adhesives

Ready to Use

Custom molded, eliminates machining of sheet materials


Conforms to part thickness even on zippers and multi-layer films


Silicone Bar Assemblies

At United Silicone, each Silicone Seal Bar Assembly is custom molded and made to order. In addition to a market-leading size range, we have a variety of different options to best tailor Silicone Bar Assemblies to your unique application.


  • Three silicone formulations
  • Superior heat tolerance


  • Flat
  • Textured


  • Crowned
  • Flat

Size Range

  • Market-Leading
  • 1 inch – 110 inch lengths


  • Silicone-to-Metal
  • Teflon-coated Silicone-to-Metal

Gasket Mounting Features

  • T-Slot
  • Mushroom Mounting

We would love to create the ideal Seal Bar Assembly for your application!

All United Silicone Seal Bar Assemblies are made to order at our Lancaster, NY facility. One of our partners at Industrial Specialties Mfg. may follow up to collect information allowing us to more promptly manufacture your pieces.