Market-Leading Precision Engineering

You can see our stand-out expertise in every phase of system development including:

  • Product Concept Consulting
    (product design for optimal decoration)
  • Artwork Development or Tweaking
  • Foil Performance Evaluation
    (foils and heat transfer labels through sister companies and industry partners)
  • Die Selection/Design/Creation
  • Fixture Design/Creation
  • System Selection/Design/Creation
  • Control Systems Selection
    (your preferred control brand)
  • Bulk Loading and Unloading

  • Precision Label Placement
    (heat transfer labels)
  • Robotic Product Placement or Assembly
  • Dial Tables
  • Vision Systems
  • Quality Qualification – Testing & Documentation
  • Training
  • Technical Support
    (onsite and remote diagnostics)


The breadth and depth of our expertise leaves us well-positioned to provide One-Stop-Shop service to help guide you from product concept through production and beyond. We also offer the flexibility to focus on any particular aspect of the decorating process where you need assistance.

Engineering Team
(716) 681-8222
Our Precision Engineering Team is ready to design and build a solution carefully optimized for superior performance and efficiency in your application. We would love to hear from you!
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