Our Process

Our team (with a combined 218 years of experience) goes through a painstakingly thorough process to ensure your fixtures provide market-leading precision alignment for superior decoration repeatability.

Kick Off

We start by examining your sample parts together with 3D part files and artwork, to begin incorporating the intricacies of your part design into your fixtures and dies.

Testing, Testing, Testing....

Experience has taught us that real life production runs are not the same as drawings. We need to account for even the most minuscule variations within your physical parts. We often measure hundreds of parts using dial indicators to track variations as small as .001”. We can then design your fixtures for your true median size – best suited for success across your production run.

Fixture Design

Our fixtures team works regularly with a wide range of fixture options, giving us expert insight into the type of substrates, mounting approach and design features that will work best in your unique application.

Fixture Building

Armed with precise measurements backed up with exhaustive testing and expert insight as to the fixture substrate, format, features and mounting approach best suited for your application, our team builds your fixtures utilizing state-of-the-art software programs and CNC machining centers. The result is a hot stamp tool set with highly repeatable precision.

More Testing...

Prior to shipping, all United Silicone holding fixtures are tested using fully functional production machines. Over 98% of the time, we find the fixtures to be in perfect alignment. However, we do a final round of testing to ensure that each and every fixture you receive is completely fine-tuned and optimized for use in your production environment.

Set Up Assistance

New fixtures and dies are shipped together with a set up document outlining recommended temperature and pressure settings as well as dwell and cycle times.


United Silicone provides a wide range of fixture options including:

Fixture Types

  • Complete Fixture Sets
  • Die Holding Fixtures
  • Part Holding Fixtures
  • Additional Fixture Elements

For These Processes

  • Hot Stamp
  • Heat Transfer
  • Polyfuze®

On These Systems

  • United Silicone Equipment
  • Competitor Equipment
  • Manual Systems
  • Automated Systems

Die Holding Fixtures

Die holding fixtures (or die mounting blocks) firmly grasp the stamping die at the precise angle necessary to ensure quality decoration. They provide the support necessary to ensure the die does not slip out of precision alignment under the pressure generated by stamping decoration.

Traditional die holding fixtures are drilled with mounting holes lined up to match your equipment and part holding fixture as a set. Additionally, a variety of different mounting configurations (dovetail, type holder and magnetic) are available each with its own advantages and considerations.

Magnetic "Quick Change" Die Holding Fixtures

Unique-in-the-industry, United Silicone´s tool-less “Quick-Change” magnetic die mounting fixtures provide industry-leading changeover speeds and repeatability.


Easier, Faster Changeovers

With Magnetic Die Mounting Fixtures, die changeover and set up time is dramatically reduced. Magnetic die holding fixtures mount to your machine, allowing dies to be easily affixed eliminating the need for screws to secure the hot stamp die and providing

  • Up to 90 x faster die changeover speeds
  • Simplified, tool-less die changeovers

Improved Mounting Accuracy

Magnetic dies improve repeatability from die-to-die offering increased production and reduced downtime. The same pin and slot locations are used in both the die holding fixture and the die to guarantee precision artwork alignment from die-to-die. In fact, Magnetic dies provide

  • Up to 50% improvement in mounting accuracy in some instances

Lighter than steel (easier handling) + easy to machine + rust resistant + durable + heat tolerant


Machined to part configuration + won’t scuff clear plastics or a high gloss finish – not as durable as aluminum


Ideal for automatic part discharge because of low friction + won’t scuff clear plastics or a high gloss finish – not as durable as aluminum


Offers the greatest strength and durability + ideal for high tonnage applications

Error Proof Design

Part holding fixtures can be “keyed” or designed to only mount in one specific way- eliminating the chance of a mismatch from die to part or stamping the graphic out of orientation.

Substrate Selection

Part holding fixtures are manufactured from various materials as dictated by part shape, substrate, size and support requirements.

Additional Fixture Elements

Additional features are often added to a Fixtures Set to make set-up easier and provide consistent, quality parts more quickly after a fixture’s changeover.


Added to base plate to facilitate proper alignment of the part tooling fixture to the die

Alignment Pins

Assist in aligning the part to die on contoured parts or flat parts where the position of graphics is critical

Part Present Sensors

Part sensors connected to controllers can detect part presence and identify proper positioning prior to stamping. These devices are ideal in automated systems to greatly reduce scrap rates.

Vacuum Hold Down

Utilized when part surface doesn’t allow gripping/grasping in another way without scratching or damaging surface. (Example- clear lenses that are thin and easily scratched)

Spring Loaded

Avoids part movement, provides snug fit for all parts.

XY and XYR Positioning Tables

Provides fine adjustment at fixture level in the left to right, back to front directions – R = rotational adjustment


We´ve Got You Covered

To identify precisely the best holding fixture for your unique application, United Silicone experts consider a wide array of factors including:

  • Substrate to be decorated
  • Scratch resistance requirements
  • Industry-specific requirements (medical grade, etc)
  • Hot Stamp or Heat Transfer
  • Manually or Robot Loaded
  • Artwork requirements including positioning on part and orientation to part features

  • 3D Part Drawings
  • Targeted Cycle Time
  • Number of Mold Cavities
  • Annual Production Quantities
  • Foil or Heat Transfer – P/N and/or Manufacturer
  • Physical Part Samples

Fixtures Department
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