Machines for Product Decoration & Sealing

Market-Leading Efficiency

United Silicone has a market-leading range of automation-capable hot stamp and heat transfer machines ready to meet your specific product decoration performance requirements.


We also provide manual-load heat seal systems for superior product sealing.


Our systems are carefully designed to provide highly repeatable performance with market-leading efficiency.


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PRODUCT DECORATION: Hot Stamp & Heat Transfer Printing

United Silicone offers a wide range of hot stamp and heat transfer equipment.

We offer vertical machines (small and large area), deep container equipment, and pail systems as well as peripheral and roll-on printers.

Our systems come in both standard and custom formats and can be used as stand-alone units or as part of larger automated systems. Many of our hot stamp and heat transfer machines are completely unique-in-the market.

For example, our US 25E hot stamp equipment revolutionizes deep container printing. The machine provides 16” throat depth with a 2.5-ton machine which can generate cost savings of up to 40% or roughly $20,000 per system.

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hot stamp machine

PRODUCT SEALING: Heat Seal Machines

United Silicone´s versatile US 10 and US 25 systems can be configured to provide highly efficient seals on manual load- specialty heat seal applications with market-leading efficiency. Our heat seal equipment is well-suited to a number of applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and packaging markets.

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United Silicone hot stamp and heat transfer equipment is available both as stand alone units as well as components to automated production lines.

We are experts at integration of elements like product feeding and handling as well as camera-driven vision inspection.

We are proud to have earned a reputation as the industry leader in hot stamp automation over the last four decades with thousands of completed systems.

United Silicone is known for:

  • technical expertise
  • market specific-knowhow,
  • cutting-edge equipment
  • robust project management approach .
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Supporting Products

The same high-quality you expect of United Silicone hot stamp equipment is available in our supporting products.

We provide a wide array of auxiliary products designed to ensure safety, efficiency and precision decoration.

Our hot stamp and heat transfer supporting products include:

  • safety packages
  • X-Y and X-Y-R tables
  • broken or missing foil detection
  • casters
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Technology Comparison

The general processes behind hot stamp and heat transfer decoration are similar.

The most striking visual differences come from the fact that heat transfer decoration often uses multicolor pre-printed labels while hot stamp excels at delivering premium metallic decoration.

From a process perspective, the most striking difference is the type of die used. The molds for hot stamp dies carry the image to be used. They are more complex than the molds used for heat transfer decoration where no graphic image is carried on the die (the image comes from heat transfer label itself).

Read our technology comparison for more detailed information about the similarities and differences between hot stamp and heat transfer equipment and decoration.

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