Vertical Roll-On System (VRM)

  • Unrivaled peripheral decorating solution for cylindrical and flat products
  • 360° decoration
  • Ability to prevent wrinkles
  • Precision label placement
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  • Large Roll-On Decoration on Flat and Slightly Contoured Surfaces
  • Eliminates Air Entrapment Rejects
  • Reduces Set Up & Changeover Time by as much as 50%
  • Improves Worker Efficiency with Standard Safety Features
  • Provides Enhanced Flexibility with Optional Pneumatic Slide Tables
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  • Roll-on Hot Stamp Decorating of Flat, Contoured and Complex Extrusion Profiles
  • Unmatched Precision at an Adjustable Rate of up to 70 feet/minute
  • 360° Adjustment-Decorating Roller Positioned on any Axis to Match Extruded Profile
  • Inter-connectable – Multiple Machines Work Together for Complex Profiles
  • CNC Contoured Rollers – High-Precision, Repeatable Performance
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Impact HT

  • Small, Cost-Effective Roll-On Solution
  • Small-to-Medium-Sized Flat or Slightly Contoured Parts
  • Nearly Half the Cost & Half the Size of Standard Roll-on Systems
  • Specialized Automation for CD/DVD Applications at over 500 Parts/hour
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