Roller Options

United Silicone offers an industry-leading size range and wide variety of roller options. We provide complete rollers (cores plus coverings) as well as roller re-coats for hot stamp, heat transfer or heat seal applications. Our rollers can be used on our systems as well as competitor systems.

Roller Uses

United Silicone´s Silicone Rubber Rollers are an ideal choice for a number of applications. They can provide branding, tipping, laminating, hot stamping, heat transfer or seat seal support on flat, raised, curved and cylindrical surfaces.


Silicone conforms readily to surface variations in molded plastic parts, ensuring smooth application of hot stamp foils, multicolor heat transfers and sealing films.

Armed with cutting-edge technology and decades of experience, United Silicone´s Roller Team can provide many superior or market-leading benefits.

Superior Repeatability

Smooth Surface

  • All United Silicone rollers are precision ground post-molding to ensure a perfect surface finish as well as a consistent, circular outside diameter (OD).
  • Helps ensure superior repeatability.

Precision Contours

  • Our new CNC system allows us to digitally profile contoured roller applications resulting in rollers that precisely fit part shape, accounting for all profiles and contours.
  • Programs can be stored and repeatability ensured from roll to roll.
  • Significant time savings allowing for faster turnaround.

Market-Leading Adhesion

Our expertise at silicone-to-metal bonding is so deep – it is in our name “United Silicone”.

Our proprietary process involves chemically bonding silicone compounds (raw material) to the steel or aluminum core. The silicone is cured/vulcanized in the same step as it is bonded to the roller core. This results in a silicone-to-metal bond far superior to alternatives. Eliminate concerns about silicone delaminating from your core without the need of messy and unreliable adhesives.

Market-Leading Size Range

United Silicone provides the largest range of roller sizes. We offer outside diameter measurements up to 20 inches (compared to 8-inch size commonly available) as well as face lengths up to 110 inches (4x longer than sizes commonly available).

Additional Benefits

Seamless Finish

Eliminates the appearance of a ‘meeting point’

Resulting in blemish-free contact and heat transfer.

Superior Thermal Conductivity

Silicone does not become sticky or gummy

Our formulations are highly thermally conductive and can tolerate temperatures up to 550°F. Thermosil has the added benefit of providing quick recovery from heat loss when rollers are internally heated versus external shrouds.

We Understand Your Application

Expertise in entire decorating process as well as in your market

Our expertise in both systems and consumables design combined with decades of market-specific expertise, leaves us well positioned to provide rollers carefully optimized for your unique application.

Recoats - Significant Cost Savings

New option for heat seal applications

Our heat tolerant silicone formulations will not become gummy or sticky and do not require Teflon coating. When the silicone becomes worn- the roller can simply be recoated with a new silicone.

Silicone Rubber Roller Team
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Do you need new rollers or recoats for existing cores? Our Silicone Rubber Roller Team would love to help. We have the largest range on the market today.
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