Our Rollers

United Silicone is a leading silicone rubber roller supplier. We provide complete rollers (core plus covering) as well as roller recoats for use in hot stamp, heat transfer, and heat seal applications. Our rollers are universal and can be used on our systems and competitor systems.


Our silicone rubber rollers provide a wide variety of benefits including:

Superior repeatability

Our new advanced CNC system allows us to digitally profile contoured roller applications. The resulting unprecedented precision ensures superior repeatability.

Precision finish

We surface grind each roller to ensure precise OD and TIR measurements as well as a smooth surface finish.

Market-leading adhesion

Our proprietary system for chemically bonding silicone to metal cores provides market-leading adhesion without the need for glue or other adhesives.

Market-leading size options

With diameters up to 20 inches and face lengths up to 110 inches, we offer the market´s largest range of roller sizes.

Seamless aesthetic

Eliminates the appearance of a ‘meeting point’ seen in alternative production processes resulting in blemish-free contact and heat transfer.

Fast turnaround

Often in 7-10 days if not faster.

Silicone Rubber Rollers


The many benefits of silicone rubber rollers make them well-suited for a wide variety of applications. Silicone conforms readily to surface variations in molded parts, ensuring smooth application of stamping foils and multi-color heat transfers without air entrapment. Silicone rollers are well suited for “tipping” or decoration of raised artwork as well as application to flat, curved and contoured surfaces. Silicone rollers are ideal for non-decorating applications requiring a non-slip surface for feeding/pulling films through a variety of machine applications.

Rollers for:


  • Extruded products
  • Cylindrical shapes
  • Large, flat surfaces
  • Curved surfaces
  • Raised surfaces

To Provide:

  • Banding
  • Tipping
  • Laminating
  • Hot stamping
  • Heat transfer
  • Feed & guide rollers
  • Liner-less labels

Silicone Formulations

Our silicone rubber rollers are available in 60 & 70 durometer in standard formats and 40-90 durometer for some formulations (Shore A Scale).




Externally heated (under a Roller Shroud) applications requiring temperatures up to 550°F.


Internally heated applications requiring thermal recovery from the center of the roller core to the outside surface of the silicone roller. Withstands temperatures up to 550°F.


FDA and 3A Sanitary – Class 1 Test Specifications.

Core Materials

United Silicone manufactures both aluminum and steel roller cores. Aluminum cores tend to be used for shorter lengths and smaller OD applications while steel cores tend to be preferred for longer rolls and larger OD applications where durability is required to support the weight of the roller core itself.


Outside Diameter (A)
Up to a market-leading 20 inch OD (more than 3 times longer than what is commonly available)

Face Length (E)
Up to a market-leading 110 inches (more than 4 times longer than what is commonly available)

Custom Core Design
To precisely match application requirements

We would love to help you identify the right roller for your application.