Superior Quality Foils for Enhanced Visual Impact

United Silicone is a well-known hot stamping foil supplier. We provide a wide variety of high-quality hot stamp foils for product decorating and labeling applications.

Working closely with our sister company CER (France), we bring renowned CER Foils to the North American market. We combine these quality foils together with United Silicone’s well-respected hot stamp/heat transfer equipment and high-precision consumables to become a true one-stop-shop for your entire hot stamping or heat transfer applications.


Metalized Foils

Metalized stamping foils provide high impact visual performance on a range of plastic and varnished substrates. The shiny, mirrored finish provides a premium look on a wide range of applications.

We offer:

  • A large range of colors
  • Glossy or matte foil (many effects available)
  • On demand slitting service
  • Fast turnaround

Our metalized foils are used in a variety of applications including cosmetic, automotive, writing instrument, glassware, appliance and personal care.


Pigmented Foils

Pigmented foils are available in the full color spectrum including custom pantone (PMS) colors. United Silicone offers different effects such as high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte. Tints are also available.

We offer:

  • The option for rapid tinting
  • An excellent slitting film for fineness of decoration
  • An extensive range of colors available
  • Very short turn-around for supply

Our pigmented foils are used in a variety of application including automotive, medical, electronic, household appliance, cosmetic and tools.


Special Effect Foils

Special Effect Foils offer striking visual performance for enhanced product differentiation. United Silicone offers a number of Special Effect Foils including holographic, brush effect, second surface and half mirror foils.

Holographic Foils

United Silicone’s holographic foils (also referred to as holographic tapes) are multi-colored metalized foils with multiple effects. The effects listed below can be applied to our entire line of metalized foils.

  • Chest: cross-hatched effect
  • Flurry: linear rainbow effect
  • Marble: marbleized effect
  • Rainbow: rainbow effect

  • Ring: bubble effect
  • Sand: sanded effect
  • Vulcan: wave effect
  • Zebra: striped effect

Brush Effect Foils

Brush effect foils are metalized foils that give the impression of matte brushed aluminum. The result is a high-design, modern visual impact. These foils are commonly used for appliance, cosmetic and mobile phone, and automotive applications.

Second Surface Foils

Second surface foils are foils designed to print decoration on the underside of plastic that is meant to be read from the top or through the part. These foils are highly popular in cosmetic applications.

We offer:

  • Metalized silver-silver or gold-silver foils
  • Decoration with a mirrored effect
  • Foils adapted to the needs of all transparent plastic materials

Half Mirror Foils

Widely used in appliance and automotive applications, half mirror foils are semi-reflective metalized foil with some transparency.

  • Various levels of transparency available
  • Multiple metalized color options

Heat Transfer Labels

As a supplier of a wide array of heat transfer equipment and consumable supplies, United Silicone is intimately familiar with the performance and process requirements of heat transfer labels.

As a hot stamp foil manufacturer and heat transfer label manufacturer, we work closely with customers to select the best foil or label for each application.

We would love to help you identify the ideal foil for your application.