Our Sheets

Superior Heat Properties


We offer bonded and unbonded sheets in both textured and smooth finishes for bag sealing, blister sealing, edge branding, conduction sealing, laminating, heat seal and blister packaging. Our sheets work on our systems as well as on competitor systems.

Superior Heat Properties

An alternative to existing metal seal heads and platens providing improved seal integrity.

Superior Adhesion

For bonded applications, our proprietary system achieves market-leading adhesion, chemically bonding silicone to metal without the need for glue or other adhesives.

Wide Range of Options

Market leading range of silicone and aluminum backing thickness with precision grinding to ensure optimal performance in each application.

Improved Turnaround

To meet demand, inventory availability has been expanded in partnership with our Distributor – Industrial Specialties Manufacturing (ISM). Blanket Orders and Stock/Release programs are available for your Made-to-Order Sheets insuring continuity of supply.


Consistent seal integrity, reduced scrap, improved throughput and enhanced line efficiencies make our Silicone Sheets an attractive option for a wide variety of heat seal applications. Our sheets are used for bag, blister and conduction sealing as well as laminating and nip/feed applications. Common applications include bags, blisters, bowls/cups, trays, pouches and both flexible and rigid packaging.


We offer a market-leading range of high-performance Silicone Sheet materials.

Options include:

Silicone Thickness 1/16″ & 1/8″ standard, Custom Thicknesses Available
Metal Backing Aluminum, standard, Deadsoft – Aluminum, easily formed/contoured, Cold Roll Steel
Silicone Formulations Ultrasil- Externally heated- temperatures up to 550°F, Thermosil- Internally heated- temperatures up to 550°F plus thermal recovery, FDA-3A Sanitary- Sanitary – Class 1 Test Specifications
Hardness Measured on a Shore A scale, 40-90 durometer
Aluminum Thickness Various Aluminum Thicknesses Available
Standard Sizes 12″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, Custom sizes available, application dependent

We would love to help you identify the best sheet option for your application!

All United Silicone Sheets are made at our Lancaster, NY facilities. One of our partners at Industrial Specialties Mfg. may follow up to collect information allowing us to more promptly manufacture your pieces.