Round & Square Pail Decoration

5 gallon pail decoration with US 25 hot stamp machine

What are the main features of the US 25 for 5 gallon pail decoration?

hot stamp machine
United Silicone has long been leader in hot stamp and heat transfer systems for quailty pail decoration. The US 25 hot stamp machine provides highly efficient, high precision decoration on 5 gallon pails thanks to its versatility, countoured die and custom tooling.

What type of versatility does the US 25 provide for decoration of 5 gallon pails?

The US 25 is flexible enough to accommodate the decoration of both rounded and square pails. Rounded pails are decorated with a contoured silicone rubber die that is perfectly designed to match the curved decorating surface. Square pails are printed with flat silicone dies that are ideal for use on the pail´s flat surfaces. There is no need to have two different machines – one for decorating round and another for decorating square pails. With a simple change of tooling the US 25 can do both!

How does the special contoured silicone stamping die enhance decoration efficiency?

The most common approach for producing contoured silicone rubber dies is using a contoured mold to bond silicone rubber to a contoured metal base.  This technique is costly and time-consuming. Fortunately there is a better way.

United Silicone is able to produce precision contoured dies using a flat mold. The set up for this approach is about 10 times less costly than the set up for producing contoured molds. Beyond set up savings- die replacements for this approach will be as much as 20% less expensive because they can be molded to a simple flat metal base. This will generate significant upfront and on-going cost savings without sacrificing any decoration quality.


What is special about the tooling used in this system?

The tooling for this system was specifically designed to ensure decoration would always be keyed off from the same part feature. This ensures  precision placement with high repeatability part after part. By aligning the tooling with the handle hole on each pail- decoration is repeatedly placed in precisely the right spot, reducing scrap and waste.

What range of products and services does United Silicone offer for pail decoration?

Our pail decorating technologies are widely considered to best-in-class.

Industrial, commercial and consumer pails can be decorated with:

  • A single-color hot stamp foil for applying basic messages (such as a child warning label)
  • Vibrant, multi-color heat transfer labels offering 355° wrap capabilities
  • Manual load to fully automated hot stamp and heat transfer systems

Typical applications include:

  • Round plastic pails (1 – 6 gallon)
  • Square or rectangular plastic pails (1 – 6 gallon)

United Silicone provides a range of hot stamp and heat transfer equipment along with all required decoration supplies and specialized support services.

What additional types of industrial or reusable containers does United Silicone equipment decorate?

United Silicone is proud to be considered the industry leader for hot stamp or heat tranfer decoration of reusable, industrial and bulk containers. These containers vary widely in size and geometry and consequently have varied decoration requirements. In addition to pails, United Silicone hot stamp machines frequently are used to apply decoration to waste containers, pallets, trays, crates and bins as well as sanitation supply containers.

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