Superior Hot Stamp Decoration on Recessed Printing Surfaces

US 10 Machine Featuring Spring Loaded Foil Bars

Is it possible to apply hot stamp decoration to recessed printing surfaces?

It is possible to achieve quality hot stamp decoration on recessed printing surfaces! You will need the right equipment and a skilled hot stamp partner.

What is a recessed printing area and how does it present a challenge to hot stamp decoration?

A recessed printing area appears on a product or component as a recessed or lowered area. In the video shown in this blog post, decoration is applied to part of the container that is bordered on all sides by a 1/2 inch wall of raised plastic.

For highly repeatable quality decoration, the hot stamp die must make full contact with the surface that requires decoration. In order to achieve this, decorating foil must be lowered into the recessed pocket that requires decoration.

There are several ways to achieve this- but not all provide high quality results.


What approaches are available for hot stamping recessed printing surfaces? How do they compare?

For quality hot stamp decoration, foil needs to be pushed into the recessed area and be in direct contact with the decorating surface.

There are two different ways this is commonly achieved. Using the die itself to push the foil into the recessed pocket  can result in inferior print quality. If you are using chrome finish films, this approach could cause the films to tarnish. If you are using pigmented films, this can cause slight color variations. Using the die itself to push foil into a recessed pocket also creates a higher chance of that the decoration edges are not properly applied.

Fortunately- there is a better way. The US 10 system you see here uses special spring-loaded foil bars  to lower the foil down into the recessed pocket. These foil bars then recoil after die pressure is applied. This approach avoids damaging the foil in any way and ensures more regular contact with the decorating surface. The result? Repeatable, high quality decoration even in challenging recessed areas.

This approach is commonly used on tool boxes and other applications that require decoration on recessed decorating surfaces and achieves a strong visual impact.


What is the US 10?

The US 10 is a highly versatile machine, utilized for hot stamp and heat transfer decoration as well as for heat sealing and heat staking. For over three decades, the US 10 (1 ton system)  has been a industry mainstay for small vertical decorating applications. The US 10 is well known for its versatility with durability. In fact- US 10 machines have been known to run for as long as 25 years!


How does the US 10 provide superior decoration for recessed printing surfaces?

The US 10 can be fitted with special spring loaded foil bars that push the foil down into the recessed pocket. In addition to superior print quality, the US 10  hot stamp machine also provides significant flexibility thanks to its framing options.

What kind of flexibility is provided with US 10 framing options?

In addition to providing superior decoration quality, the US 10 offers unique-in-the-market flexibility.  The US 10 is available with two different framing options – standard frame or reverse frame configurations.

The system shown in the video at the top of this blog post uses a Reverse Frame. Standard frames can be used to decorate parts up to 16 inches tall in height. Reverse frames, however, are appropriate for parts up to 40 inches tall. Depending on the size of their part and the size of their desired artwork, companies can chose the frame that best supports their needs. This is true for for both the 1 ton US10 machines as well as for the 2.5 ton US 25 systems.

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