Large Area Hot Stamp Machines

US 40, US 75 & US 120

All-Encompassing Solution for Large Area Decorations

United Silicone’s large-area hot stamp and heat transfer decorating systems (4 ton, 7.5 ton and 12 ton respectively) provide advanced capabilities for reduced setup time, high reliability, efficiency, smooth and quiet operation and simplified troubleshooting. These versatile systems may also be used for graphic foil stamping, die cutting, and embossing. All machines feature stable, consistent head travel and smooth foil advance for optimum stamping quality from job to job. Available in three sizes with two possible configurations – we offer a total solution for your large area decorating application.


Unmatched Versatility

Dual Configuration

Four-Post Frame: Virtually unlimited throat depth provides unmatched versatility. C-Frame: On average 35% smaller than the alternative Four-Post Frame systems delivering high tonnage capacity in a compact footprint.

Simplified Job Storage & Adjustments

Specialized Control Package

Proprietary DSP Controller was specifically designed and optimized for decorating applications. Programmable features include: temperature control with under & over protection, dwell timer, foil/label indexing, recipe storage for up to 10 jobs and diagnostic tools.

Responsive, Efficient High-Tonnage Stamping

Mechanical Superiority

Worry-free pneumatics amplified by mechanical advantage result in an efficient, responsive high tonnage stamping motion.

Wide Product Range

Optional Pneumatic Slide Tables (300mm & 500mm Stroke Lengths)

Increases system flexibility for a wider product range while providing unobstructed access for part handling. Fully retrofittable to existing systems.

Safe & Easy Mobility

Integrated Forklift Tubes

Forklift Tubes integrated into the machine stand provide a safe & easy means for moving the system within your facility.

Additional Features
Suited for both Hot Stamp and/or Heat Transfer Decorating Applications Reduced Setup Times
Tool-Free Foil / Label Changeover Quiet, Smooth Cycling
Dual Opti-Touch Buttons for Safe Operation Angular Heater Head Adjustments
Constant Torque for Smooth Foil / Label Advance Optional Low Foil and/or Broken Foil Detection
Precise Control of Head Stroke Length &  Stamping Force Optional Robot Interfacing
Multiple Heater Head Sizes Available

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
US 40 US 75 US 120
Maximum Stamping Force (Tons) 4 7.5 12
Head Stroke 3” 3” 3”
Head Size (standard) 10″ x 10”

12″ x 16″

12″ x 16″

12″ x 24″

12″ x 16″

12″ x 24″

A – Height 78″ 73″ 75″
B – Width (Wide) 55″ 54″ 54″
C – Depth (Deep) 49” 47” 47”
D – Working Height 0-16” 0-16” 0-16”
E – Throat Depth N/A N/A N/A
Electrical Requirements (Volts) 220






Air Requirements (CFM) 5 5 5
Air Requirements (PSI) 40-100 40-100 40-100
Net Weight (Pounds)

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