Square Pails: Evolution²

Unmatched decorating real-estate for square pails

The Evolution² HT is designed for applying multi-color heat transfer labels up to 355° for square pails. Its unique design allows for adjustment to accommodate various pail shapes and sizes. The Evolution² HT provides:

  • Decorating area nearly 40% larger than available with side only decorating systems
  • 75% faster changeover speeds compared to 4 headed systems
  • Up to 50% smaller footprint than competitor systems


Decorating Around Corners

Increase decorating area by almost 40%

Expand your decorating real-estate into the corners of Rounded Square / Rectangular Pails. This increases the decorating area almost 40% compared to side only decorating systems.

Fine tune our system to your needs

Programmable Flexibility

Touch-Screen Interface and Servo-Motor Package allow users to customize their system parameters to achieve the best results on a variety of product designs. Access to Pail Geometry, Label Registration, and Application Speeds are just a few of the dozens of programmable features available.

Single Roll of Labels

Up to 75% faster changeovers Mistake free set ups

Decorate all four sides of the rounded square pails with a single roll of heat transfer labels.  Up to 75% faster changeovers versus competing four headed systems.  Never place a label on the wrong side or out of sequence again.

Single Decorating Station

Up to 50% smaller footprint Less maintenance

Our true inline system uses 75% less stations and 50% less space than competitor systems.

Learn more about the Evolution²

Additional Features

  • Pre-Flaming Option for surface treatment and consistent product temperature to optimize system and label performance
  • Post-Flaming Option to insure proper bonding of the heat transfer label
  • Accommodate range of container sizes (1-6 gallon)

  • In-line Product Flow – Ideally located directly from the molding system.
  • Optional Remote-Access VPN: Allows our Engineering Team to support troubleshooting issues.

Benefits of Heat Transfer Labels

There are many benefits of heat transfer labels including:

  • “No-Label” Look and Feel
  • Durable / Permanent Decoration that is moisture and chemical resistant
  • Dry Decorating Process – No inks or solvents required
  • Photographic Quality – High resolution decorations

Environmentally Friendly – The container can be recycled without having to remove the label

Technical Specifications


Technical Data
Part Size (Gallons) 1-6
Speed – up to (Parts /Minute) 6
A – Height 80″
B – Width (Wide) 158″
C – Depth (Deep) 65”
Electrical Requirements (Volts) 480
Air Requirements (CFM) 7
Air Requirements (PSI) 80-100
Net Weight (Pounds)

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