Impact HT

Big impact, now in a cost-effective, reduced footprint system

The Impact HT is a small, cost-effective roll-on decorating solution for small to medium flat or slightly contoured parts. The Impact HT provides quality roll-on decoration at nearly half the cost and half the size of standard roll-on systems. Specialized automation for CD/DVD applications allows for decoration of over 500 CDs or DVDs per hour.


Cost-Effective, Small Footprint

Quality Roll-On Decoration at nearly half the cost, half the size

The Impact HT provides the benefits of roll-on decorating in a small and cost-effective package.

Eliminate Air Entrapment Rejects

Roller Decoration

The rolling motion naturally forces air out during application, eliminating rejects from voids or blisters caused by air entrapment.

Optimized for CD/DVD Applications

Automatically decorate 500+ CD/DVD’s per hour.

With specialized automation the Impact HT was optimized for CD/DVD Media. Fully automated stack to stack loading and unloading. Can be fitted with custom tooling to accommodate various disc sizes.

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Additional Features

  • Suited for both Hot Stamp and/or Heat Transfer
  • Suited for both Hot Stamp and/or Heat Transfer Decorating Applications
  • Tool-Free Foil / Label Changeover
  • Dual Opti-Touch Buttons for Safe Operation
  • Constant Torque for Smooth Foil / Label Advance
  • Precise Control of Head Stroke Length &  Stamping Force

  • Accommodates silicone rubber rollers up to 4 inches in diameter and 1 to 6 inches long
  • Reduced Setup Times
  • Quiet, Smooth Cycling
  • Optional Robot Interfacing
  • Optional Low Foil and/or Broken Foil Detection
  • Touch Screen Interface with Programmable Decorating Parameters, Job Storage and Diagnostic Tools

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
Head Stroke 0-3″
Roller Width 1-6″
Roller Diameter 4″
A – Height 76″
B – Width (Wide) 39″
C – Depth (Deep) 50”
D – Working Height 0-9”
E – Throat Depth 7″
Electrical Requirements (Volts) 220


Air Requirements (CFM) 5
Air Requirements (PSI) 40-100
Net Weight (Pounds)

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