High-Quality Heat Transfer Machines for Round Pails & Buckets

Running circles around the competition

Evolution HT is designed specifically for high-speed applications of multi-color heat transfer labels up to 355 o. Its unique design accommodates various pail diameters, draft angles, and heights.. A user friendly design, incorporating flexibility and fast changeovers makes this system a stand out.

The Evolution HT provides

  • User-Friendly Decoration Control
  • Reduced Changeover Times (up to 70% faster)
  • Wide Product Range (1 to 6 gallon capability)
  • Small Footprint

Benefits of Heat Transfer Labels

User-Friendly Decoration Control

On-The-Fly Changes

With access to programmable features such as: Application Speeds, Label Positioning and Label Stretch or Shrink, reduce the need for physical adjustments and allow for on-the-fly changes that keep your molding machines producing parts.

Wide Product Range

1 to 6 Gallon Capability

Our versatile conveyer system and easily accessible & adjustable features achieve great results across a wide product range.

Fast Changeover

Switch Between Pail Sizes in Minutes vs Hours

Incorporating quick change feature into our Conveyor, Application Head and Guides allows you to convert the system effectively and efficiently and get back to decorating 70% quicker than alternative methods.

Small Footprint

Smart Designs for Industrial Settings

Bring your decorating process to the molding machine. Our narrow footprint minimizes the impact on precious floor space.  Robust frame construction allows the system to be lifted with a single forklift or easily maneuvered with our standard combo caster / leveling feet.

Sustained Value

Retrofit Opportunity

As we continually look to improve the system’s features and function we keep in mind the numerous existing systems in the field and strive to make our changes backwards compatible. We also offer refurbishment programs to get your system performing like new.

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Additional Features

  • Accommodate range of container sizes (1-6 gallon).
  • In-line Product Flow – Ideally located directly from the molding system.

  • Optional Remote-Access VPN: Allows our Engineering Team to support troubleshooting issues.
  • Pre and post flame treatment included standard.

Benefits of Heat Transfer Labels

There are many benefits of heat transfer labels including:

  • “No-Label” Look and Feel
  • Durable / Permanent Decoration that is moisture and chemical resistant
  • Dry Decorating Process – No inks or solvents required
  • Photographic Quality – High resolution decorations
  • Environmentally Friendly – The container can be recycled without having to remove the label.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
Part Size (Gallons) 1-6
Speed – up to (Parts /Minute) 12
A – Height 65″
B – Width (Wide) 131″
C – Depth (Deep) 53”
Electrical Requirements (Volts) 480
Air Requirements (CFM) 7
Air Requirements (PSI) 80-100
Net Weight (Pounds)


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