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Hot Stamp Decoration for Medical Products

How is hot stamp decoration used in the medical industry?   Hot stamp decoration is commonly used on medical devices and components as well as on syringes. United Silicone has proven solutions for multiple substrate …

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hot stamp printing for cars
Hot Stamp Decoration for Automotive Products

What is unique or special about decorating automotive products and components? Like in most markets, automotive brands and their suppliers require repeatable, high quality decoration. Due to the nature of the automotive industry this decoration …

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Heat Transfer Decoration for Automotive Products

What is heat transfer decoration?  How is it different from hot stamp decoration? The largest visual distinction between hot stamp and heat transfer decoration is in the number of colors used. Hot stamp typically involves …

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Hot Stamp Decoration for Reusable, Industrial & Bulk Containers

What are reusable or industrial containers? Many different types of containers fit in this category. They are often called reusable, industrial or bulk containers. Examples include waste/recycling bins, pallets, totes, crates, boxes, pails/buckets and sanitation …

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Heat Transfer Decoration for Reusable, Industrial & Bulk Containers

  What types of information are often applied to reusable, industrial and bulk containers? Heat transfer equipment is often used to apply logos, warnings and instructions onto a number of industrial containers. Highly repeatable, durable …

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Introducing Two Strong Alternatives to Teflon Tape: Engineered Silicone Formulations & Teflon Bonded Silicone

  Why is Teflon used in the heat seal process? To achieve highly repeatable seal integrity on heat seal lines it is essential to ensure that your silicone does not become “gummy” and stick to …

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Introducing Re-coatable Silicone Rubber Rollers

Where are silicone rubber rollers used? Due to their excellent thermal properties, silicone rubber rollers are used in many industrial processes including hot stamp and heat transfer decoration as well as heat sealing of products. Silicone conforms naturally to …

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