Specialized Heat Seal Machine from United Silicone

Highly durable, repeatable, efficient seals

How does the US 25 provide highly durable, repeatable seals or welds ?

Efficient, highly durable, highly repeatable seals –that  sounds great right? This post will take  a look at each of the features that makes this possible in a bit more detail.  The US 25 Heat Seal Machine provides multifunctional capability, precision performance and operator ease.

What types of applications are United Silicone Heat Seal machines used for?
hot stamp machine

United Silicone Heat Sealing systems provide highly durable, repeatable seals or welds for a variety of applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and packaging markets. Our specialized heat seal systems are particularly well suited to manual load applications requiring versatile, multifunctional performance.

FEATURE 1: Mulitfuntional Capabilities

The US 25 Heat Seal machine can cut and seal – all in the same operation. This multi-functionality is made possible by the highly specialized custom stamping die shown here.

The other half of the tooling set- the nesting fixture-  also offers significant performance benefits.

The silicone-backed nesting fixture plate has adjustable alignment pins. These alignment pins ensure highly repeatable product placement as well as easy set up. The silicone sheet provides compliance to compensate for any variation and also helps to prevent slippage.


FEATURE 2: Precision Performance

The US 25 Heat Seal system also has a number of features designed to ensure precision performance and therefore highly repeatable seals. Specifically, it is helpful to take a closer look at the systems pressure regulator and slide vacuum nest.


Pressure Regulator

The Pressure Regulator shown here provides the operator with a constant read out of  system’s pressure. This allows the operator to be confident that the machine is operating within tight pressure parameters thereby ensuring highly repeatable seals.

Beyond visual confirmation of pressure, the US 25 Heat Seal machine has a failsafe system that will not allow the machine to cycle if it is not operating within the desired pressure range. Together these features ensure consistent pressure is applied which results in highly repeatable seals.


Nesting Fixture

Additional features that ensure precision heat sealing performance are incorporated onto the nesting fixture.

A part-in-place sensor  located on the nest will stop the machine from running if the bag to be sealed is not properly aligned. This ensures precision bag positioning and therefore consistent seals.

It is also worth taking a look at both the vacuum and sliding features of this nesting fixture.

A vacuum holds the bag in place during loading and sealing. This helps ensure high repeatability as items to be sealed within the bag will consistently remain in proper alignment.

The slide table shuttles into and out of the sealing equipment, allowing the operator to safely load and orient parts within the bag at a safe distance from the heated sealing head.

This is just one of many operator  safety features built into the US 25 Heat Seal System. We´ll take a look at a few others below.

FEATURE 3: User Safety, Efficiency &  Comfort


From a saftey perspective, the system features both a light curtain on the guard surround as well as an indicator light which turns green when it is safe for the operator to load or unload the machine.


The US 25 Heat Seal Machine features adjustable controls for operator comfort and enhanced efficiency. These controls can be easily adjusted to the height and angle required by the operator.


A prominently displayed counter allows the machine operator to quickly monitor production run progress with ease.
Finally, the US 25 Heat Seal machine can be configured with a compact footprint. This comes in handy when saving precious space in tight environments is a concern.


Beyond Heat Seal machines, does United Silicone provide any heat seal consumable supplies?

Absolutely! United Silicone in a leader in heat seal supplies including seal bars, seal heads, rollers, silicone sheets and fixtures.


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