Small-Area Hot Stamp Decoration

US10 & US25 Features

Small-Area Hot Stamp Decoration

For small-area hot stamp decoration, vertical hot stamp machines apply smaller sized hot stamp or heat transfer decoration onto a range of products and components.  The US10 and US25 hot stamp machines from United Silicone have been industry favorites for decades. There are many hot stamp and heat transfer machines in the market today that provide repeatable product decoration. The US 10 and US 25 stand out because, in addition to delivering high-quality decoration, they also offer industry-leading user ease, flexibility, and durability.


The US10 & US25

Both the US 10 and US 25 are widely used to apply single- or multi-color branding, instructions, indications, and other decorations on a range of products. The US 10 in a 1-ton system. The US 25 is a 2.5-ton system. Both are ideal for small-area decoration. The machines apply either hot stamp foil or heat transfer labels to a wide range of substrates in all types of shapes.


Common Applications

Thanks to their exceptional versatility and reliability, the US 10 and US 25 are well-suited for decoration on products from a wide range of industries– including industrial container, medical, automotive, and cosmetic or personal care applications.


User Ease

The US 10 and US 25 are widely regarded as the most user-friendly hot stamp and heat transfer machines available today.

A big part of this user-friendliness comes from the system´s proprietary controller. The controller was specially designed for decorating applications and provides greatly simplified job storage and adjustments.

The user-friendly controller provides a wide range of features, including:
-temperature control with under & over protection
– a dwell timer
-foil or label indexing
– diagnostic tools, and
-recipe storage for up to 10 jobs.

The US 10 and US 25 were designed from top to bottom for hassle-free performance. You can see this in a number of features, including:

– Quiet-smooth cycling-  Tool-free foil or label changeovers
– Low or broken foil detection and
– Integrated safety features like Dual Opti-Touch Buttons.


The US 10 and US 25 also provide market-leading flexibility.

The systems accommodate various sizes of tooling sets. The resulting print height adjustability allows the US 10 and US 25 to be utilized in decorating a wide range of products.

Standard US 10 and US 25 systems provide up to 16 inches of working height and 8 inches of throat depth. Specialized systems such as the US 25 E-Frame offer an even greater range- up to 16-inch throat depth and 51-inch clearance.

A second flexibility feature for the US 10 and US 25 is the integrated forklift tubes in the machine stands. These tubes provide a safe and easy means for moving the system within your facility.


Next, the US 10 and US 25 are flexible in that they are well-suited for either manual or automated performance.

The modular architecture of the US 10 and US 25 are designed to integrate with

– part-in-place sensors

–  reverse foil motors,

–  positioning or slide tables

–  and guarding

without the need for additional control systems.

The US 10 and US 25 are also designed for easy integration into automated systems, allowing these machines to adapt to meet evolving needs.


The US 10 and US 25 can be used in many different processes. In addition to being widely used for hot stamp and heat transfer decoration, the systems can also be used for heat sealing or heat staking applications.


Finally, both the US 10 and US 25 are known to provide market-leading durability.

The systems´ stable frame construction and external guiding provide superior reliability and durability.

In fact, systems are known to run for over 25 years!



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