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Heat Transfer for Industrial Containers

  What types of information are often applied to reusable, industrial and bulk containers? Heat transfer equipment is often used to apply logos, warnings and instructions onto a number of industrial containers. Highly repeatable, durable …

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Altneratives to Teflon Tape: What to Use Instead & When

.   Alternatives to Teflon Tape At United Silicone, we are often asked about alternatives to Teflon tape in the heat seal process. Luckily, we have some great options. To better understand why these choices …

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Re-coatable Silicone Rubber Rollers

Re-coatable Silicone Rubber Rollers To better understand why re-coatable silicone rubber rollers are so popular, let’s start by taking a look at how silicone rubber rollers are used. Uses for Silicone Rubber Rollers Due to …

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