Benefits Market-Leading Size Range, Repeatability and Adhesion
Benefit Description
Market-Leading Adhesion Proprietary system for chemically bonding silicone to metal cores provides market-leading adhesion without the need for messy adhesives
Superior Repeatability Each roller is surface ground, ensuring precise TIR and OD measurements as well as a smooth, surface finish.
Seamless Finish Manufacturing process eliminates the appearance of a ‘meeting point’ common in competitive production processes resulting in blemish-free contact and heat transfer for your applications.
Fast Turnaround Often in 7-10 days if not faster.

The many benefits of silicone rubber rollers make them well-suited for a wide variety of applications. Silicone conforms readily to surface variations ensuring smooth seal application without air entrapment. Our silicone rollers are used for sealing and film feeding in rigid and flexible packaging applications.

A New Approach to Silicone Rollers

Reducing Waste & Cost

The machined metal cores in the center of silicone rollers are customized to meet the needs of each unique application. These metal cores are the most expensive element of a silicone roller.

Traditionally, when the silicone coating on the outer part of a roller became worn out, customers would have to discard the entire roller and get a new one.

Now there is a better way! United Silicone is proud to offer Re-Coatable Silicone Rollers

Re-Coatable Silicone Rollers

Re-Coatable Silicone Rollers make it possible to reuse a roller´s machined metal core. When a roller´s silicone coating becomes worn down, customers can simply ship the roller to United Silicone. We will use our proprietary silicone-to-metal bonding process to re-coat the machined metal core with fresh, new silicone. Customers only pay for the cost of shipping and the new silicone coating.

In addition to reducing waste, this generates significant cost savings. For smaller rollers, cost savings of about 50% are possible. For larger rollers, cost savings may be up to 250%.

reusable silicone rubber rollers
Market-Leading Range of Roller Options

Complete rollers (cores/coverings), Roller re-coats


Our systems, Competitor systems

Silicone Formulations

Ultrasil- Externally heated- temperatures up to 550°F, Thermosil- Internally heated- temperatures up to 550°F plus thermal recovery, FDA-3A Sanitary- Sanitary – Class 1 Test Specifications

Hardness (Shore A Scale)

60 & 70 durometer, standard, 40-90 durometer available dependent upon formulation

Core Materials

Aluminum – typically for shorter lengths and smaller OD applications, Steel – typically for longer rolls and larger OD applications

Outside Diameter (OD)

Up to a market-leading 20 inches OD, More than 3x larger than commonly seen in the market

Face Length

Up to a market-leading 110 inches, More than 4x longer than commonly seen in the market

Core Design

Customized to meet machine mounting requirements

We would love to create the ideal Silicone Roller for your application!