Hot Stamp Decoration on Medical Products

Precision Decoration, Deep Market Expertise

Is it possible to apply hot stamp decoration on medical products?

It is common practice to apply hot stamp decoration on medical products. Hot stamp machines are well-suited to provide repeatable precision decoration on a wide range of medical products.

Medical Device and Component Decoration



Hot stamp machines frequently apply decoration to medical devices and components. United Silicone has proven solutions for multiple substrate types, shapes, and regulatory requirements.


What is hot stamp decoration?  

Often referred to as foil stamping, hot stamping is a dry product decoration process. Once a product is molded or formed- it comes to a product decoration station. Pressure and tempature are used to apply hot stamp decoration. A combination of stamping die and mold are used to release pigment foil from a film onto a product or component. The result is highly durable decoration.



Medical Part Decoration

Hot stamp decoration is frequently used to apply:

  • Safety & Usage Instructions
  • Measurement Indication
  • Branding

to a wide variety of medical devices and components

What is unique or special about decorating medical products and components?

Like in most markets, medical brands and their suppliers require repeatable, high quality decoration. Due to the nature of the medical industry this decoration often requires extremely precise image placement tolerance, clean image transfer, regulation compliance and production efficiency.


Extreme precision


Medical applications typically require higher degrees of accuracy and repeatability which in turn demands the highest quality tooling for hot stamping and heat sealing. United Silicone is the market leader in providing robust tooling sets that include fixtures, mounting systems, flat and contoured dies.



Medical devices and components frequently decorated with hot stamp equipment

Typical applications include:

  • Medical Components
    (medical housing/plastic housing, measuring wheels/disks, suture pouches)
  • Medical Devices
    (infusion pumps, glucose meters, bottles/containers, biomedical devices)
  • Dental products
  • Actuators / pump platforms / bottles
  • Syringes
    (standard, pre-filled and safety)

Syringe Decoration

Typical applications include:

  • Standard disposable syringes
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Safety syringes



What specific hot stamp machines, supplies and services does United Silicone supply for medical product decoration?

United Silicone is truly a one-stop-shop for hot stamp decoration of medical product. We have specialized equipment, supplies and services designed specifically for this market. We are experts at designing customized tooling for medical applications. Our highly specialized tooling and nesting fixtures allow for easier set up and greatly simplified changeovers. United Silicone has extensive experience in creating decorating solutions that are compatible with clean room environments.

United Silicone offers wide range of hot stamp  equipment suitable for medical part and component decoration. Our systems work as stand alone printers or as part of larger automated systems. We off vertical (both small and large area) peripheral, roll-on and high speed systems. Additionally, we can integrate pre- and post- decoration treatments as needed.

United Silicone produces supplies with market-leading precision ensuring you highly repeatable decoration print-after-print. The exceptional thermal performance of our silicone and our proprietary (adhesive-free) silicone-to-metal bonding process allow us to provide superior consumables for your project. The custom fixtures we create for automotive brands and suppliers greatly enhance print quality and efficiency.

Does United Silicone provide support with integration into automated lines?

United Silicone and CER provide assistance with everything from full turnkey automations, to machine integration into existing production lines.
We are fully equipped to meet demanding mechanical, electrical, software, and compliance requirements.

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