America’s Leading Hot Stamp / Heat Transfer Brand Makes Strategic Shift Across All Aspects of Its Business

(March 3, 2020)- United Silicone (www.usistaging1.wpengine.com), the North American market-leader for hot stamp, heat transfer and heat seal systems, consumables and supplies, announces the rollout of a new global strategy tightly focused on performing as a Trusted Partner for Product Decoration & Sealing.


Brand Values

United Silicone’s new brand identity focuses every aspect of the company´s business on delivering three core brand values- expertise, efficiency and reliability. Far from an isolated marketing exercise, these brand values represent the culmination of years of careful listening to customer needs (via interviews and hundreds of employee and customer surveys).


Moving forward, all elements of the company´s business (including new product development, customer service, engineering, billing, shipping and human resources) are being driven by a shared commitment to performing as a Trusted Partner through regular demonstrations of expertise, efficiency and reliability.


Strategy in Action

In the weeks and months ahead, customers will see a number of enhancements to products and services designed to enhance expertise, efficiency or reliability.


In preparation for this launch, during 2019 six different departments at United Silicone completed more than 15 projects designed to enhance the way the brand delivers expertise, efficiency and reliability. For example, project management was streamlined, shipping boxes were improved and the way required tolerance information is collected was standardized to better serve customers. More than a dozen additional projects are scheduled for completion in 2020.


Additionally, United Silicone updated its visual identity with a new modern logo and newly updated website (www.usistaging1.wpengine.com).



Context: Global Solutions for Product Decoration & Sealing
The strategic focus on performing as a Trusted Partner via expertise, efficiency and reliability is shared by each of the brands in the ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS) group. Sister brands- Trans Tech (www.itwtranstech.com), CER (www.itwcer.com) and Morlock (www.morlock.de) will be making announcements of their shared new global strategies in 2020.


With over 40 years of experience, United Silicone is the only major hot stamp/heat transfer/ heat seal supplier in North America to serve as a true total solutions provider/ producing both systems and a comprehensive line of supporting tooling and supplies.


Combining efforts with sister brands CER (leading European hot stamp/heat transfer brand), Trans Tech and Morlock (leading pad printing brands in North America and Europe respectively with significant digital printing expertise), allows the IDS Family of Brands to stand out as a global Trusted Partner for product decoration across a number of printing platforms.




About United Silicone

United Silicone specializes in hot stamp and heat transfer decorating machines. We also provide a complete range of supplies including: dies, sheets, rollers, tooling and heat seal supplies. Trans Tech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. NYSE (ITW), and a brand of ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS).



About IDS

Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS), a division of Illinois Tool Works, is a global manufacturer of pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer, and heat seal equipment and consumables. The division has four brands – Trans Tech, United Silicone, Morlock, and CER.



IDS: For more information, call +1 716-288-7636, send emails to info@itwids.com or visit www.itwids.com


United Silicone: For more information, call +1  716-288-7636, send emails to brenda_denny@itwids.com or visit www.usistaging1.wpengine.com.