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Why United Silicone?

Expertise, Reliability & Efficiency

We have unmatched expertise in the entire hot stamping, heat transfer and heat sealing processes. This allows United Silicone to produce systems, tooling and consumables designed to provide superior repeatability with market-leading precision, reliability and efficiency.

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We understand your needs

At United Silicone, we combine high-precision manufacturing with deep market experience. Our decades of experience allows us to understand the shared pain points, opportunities, compliance and other requirements of each of our core markets.  Familiarity with your market allows us to better anticipate your needs and meet your industry-specific requirements.

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Custom Hot Stamp & Heat Transfer Equipment

Unmatched Repeatability

Because we understand all aspects of the product decorating process (from concept/artwork through decorated product material handling) United Silicone is able to build hot stamp and heat transfer systems that provide market-leading reliability. Paired with our specially designed consumables – we offer not only superior repeatabillity but also unmatched efficiency.

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Heal Seal Supplies

Our full range of hot stamp, heat transfer and heat seal supplies are carefully designed to provide market-leading repeatability and efficiency.  For decorating applications – we provide dies, foil, rollers, sheets and fixtures. For heat seal applications – we provide seal bar assemblies, seal heads, sheets, fixtures and rollers.

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We provide support every step of the way.  Whether you need help turning your concept into workable artwork or need help with training your team post installation – we have you covered. We will work closely with you to ensure your decoration or sealing line provides highly repeatable performance you can count on.

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