High-Speed Heat Transfer Decorating System

The  Impulse HT™ high-speed heat transfer system applies multi-colored heat transfer labels to flat or contoured injection and blow molded containers. The Impulse HT provides:

  • Simultaneous Dual Side Decorating
  • Speeds up to 150 containers per minute
  • Compatibility with a large variety of container shapes
  • Photographic Quality Decoration
  • Heat transfer labels in roll format for simplified changeover
  • Precision Label Placement


Time & Cost Savings

Simultaneous Dual Side Decorating Size Versatility

The Impulse simultaneously decorates opposing sides of various sizes of flat or slightly contoured containers including but not limited to square, oval, flat-oval, motor oil and F-Style.

High Throughput

High Speed

To meet high volume production demands, the Impulse HT is capable of decorating at speeds up to 150 containers / minute.

Optimized Results for Your Application

Programmable Flexibility

Fine tune our system to best suit your needs. Our Touch-Screen Interface and Servo-Motor Package allow users to customize their system parameters to achieve the best results on a variety of product designs.  Access to decorating pressure, label registration, and application speeds are just a few of the dozens of programmable features available.

Time Savings


Label changeovers are simplified by strategically orienting and positioning the payout and take-up horizontally so the operators don’t need to bend over. Pneumatic expanding cores are tool-free and securely retain the heavy rolls of heat transfer labels. Incorporated splicing station acts like a second set of hands to aid the operator during label changeovers.

Benefits of Heat Transfer Labels

There are many benefits of heat transfer labels including

  • “No-Label” Look and Feel
  • Durable / Permanent Decoration that is moisture and chemical resistant
  • Dry Decorating Process – No inks or solvents required
  • Photographic Quality – High resolution decorations

Environmentally Friendly – The container can be recycled without having to remove the label

Additional Features

  • Pre-Flaming Option for surface treatment and consistent product temperature to optimize system and label performance.
  • In-line Product Flow.

  • Post-Flaming Option to insure proper bonding of the heat transfer label.
  • Optional Remote-Access VPN: Allows our Engineering Team to support troubleshooting issues.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
A – Height 78″
B – Width (Wide) 312″
C – Depth (Deep) 81″
Electrical Requirements (Volts) 480
Air Requirements (CFM) 5
Air Requirements (PSI) 40-100
Net Weight (Pounds)


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